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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:41 pm    Post subject:

We have loads of new folks, and we are excited to welcome you all to the Golden Mallorn family!


This is a reminder that all of the Officers have biographies so you can learn a little about their toons, their playstyles, and them IRL.


To learn more about other TGM members, and to add your own bio/story, please check out the member's only Meet the Golden Mallorn forum post.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 8:48 pm    Post subject: Meet Your Officers - Glorymaye Biography

Officer Main Character: Glorymaye (H) *Lead TGM Officer


Officer Alts and Alter-Egos: Kilimaye (RK), Lilymaye (LM), Merrimas (little bundle of Christmas fun), Caramaye (5* Chef), Kovvi (Beorn). I have other alts however these are the main ones you will find me on. NOTE – Please call me Glory, regardless as to which character I am on. Basically because I am so used to everybody doing so, that if you call me something else I will probably not answer, not due to ignorance, but due to me being used to listening/looking out for “Glory”


Favorite Playstyle(s): The only thing in game I do not dabble in is RP. I love questing solo/in groups. Raiding. Large group runs, small group runs. Crafting. I love running fun games/competitions/general merriment, and especially around Christmas, keep an eye out for Merrimas, who I am sure will have something wonderful for you to do and always comes with hands full of gifts. If you need assistance with anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do my very best to aid you with whatever you need.


Most Frequent Playtime(s): I am based in the UK; I am 5 hours ahead of Server time. I play most evenings and often during the day at the weekend.


How you came to The Golden Mallorn: I have known Pando for quite a while now; we used to be in a previous kin together. When Pando moved to TGM it wasn’t long after that I moved across too and Pando asked me to be an officer and the rest is, well, history. (Also, hi, this is Pando! I stole Glory for a weekend visit in 2017, where we fed her and gave her beer and watching Hobbit movies and toured Milwaukee - with Beral too, of course. And now, I cannot imagine life without them. So TGM really is a magical place!)


What you’re most excited for in LOTRO 2018: As always I am excited to meet our future recruits and kinnies. Our kinship is always growing, and getting to know all of you lovely people from around the world is always fun!


Who are you REALLY? As you know I live in England, I relocated to the South of England back at the end of 2015 and have been here ever since. I am the Youth Operations Executive for Carnival UK. Basically I run/plan everything for the Youth Programme on the 8 child-friendly ships within our Fleet. Working for a cruise company, you may have guessed that I love to travel, and yes I do! I used to work onboard cruise ships, and did so for 8 years. Travelling the world, seeing all of these amazing places, and even though I am now land based I still travel when I can.

I also LOVE Christmas, which I am sure you will all realise once that festive time of year begins.

2018 is going to be rather crazy for me; Bera is moving in very soon, we are getting married in July! Eeek!  (Oh hello, Pando again - we should mention that Glory and Bera met in TGM. So again, it's a magical place!)

I hope all our TGM kinnies enjoy their time with us, and enjoy the game. You can chat to me about anything, game or RL. Want to do something specific in game? Don’t be afraid to ask! I, along with the other officers, want to make your in-game journey as fun as possible. Without you, we wouldn’t be TGM.


You can find Glorymaye on Discord, Ingame and via the Kinsite.




Glory and Beral and Ring



Golden Mallorns Online