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re: Meet Your Officers - Wolshi Biography


Co-Founder: Wolshi


Alts: Wolsh, Quellya, Arcthos, Aqu, Wolshe, Blinx, Wolshvir, Wolshi-1, Alluai


Favorite Playstyle(s): My favorite playstyle is raiding and PVP. However, I really love the lore and questing as well, and have always come back to LOTRO from the time of BETA. I have been in hardcore raiding kins in the past, and while that’s definitely my playstyle, I don’t expect that everyone is an expert. I like taking people of all experiences on raids. Hell, I’ve even taken RPers so they could enjoy their story within a raid.


Most Frequent Playtime(s): My job is crazy. CRAZY. Makes playing unpredictable. Good thing I hardly sleep though, so if I’m not working, chances are I’ll be playing. But when you’re ingame, if you need anything or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to send me a tell.


How you came to The Golden Mallorn: I started playing in BETA, before it was Lord of the Rings online…..back then, it was Middle-earth online, intended to be a MUD. I had the opportunity to do many server firsts as Blinx (OD, Watcher, DN, etc.). I came to Landroval in late 2012 and quickly became close friends with Pando. We started this kin because we wanted something casual and safe for people to play without trolls or haters. And we’re a good balance to each other and this kin. We’ve always said we don’t care what you believe, where you come from, or how you play – all we ask is that you respect each other and be helpful. That’s right, this raider is now a big softey. Be nice to each other.


Who are you REALLY? I like scotch, penguins, good books, dogs, bluegrass music, and a Goofy Movie. The first one. Don’t gimme that sequel crap. I’m actually a pretty private person about my “real life”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like getting to know you or running things with you ingame. If we spend enough time together, I’ll probably reveal some of my secrets. Like whether or not I actually am a robot. 


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Pandothrien, Leader of The Golden Mallorn

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