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re: Meet Your Officers - Pandothrien Biography


Officer Main Character: Pandothrien


Officer Alts and Alter-Egos: Pandoestel (RK), Pandowyn (Minstrel), Ryte (Jeweler Mule, accepting any extra jeweler mats)


Favorite Playstyle(s): I play LOTRO like I live life – however the mood strikes. Sometimes I just want to quest, reading every bit of dialogue in the quest bestowals. Other times, I feel like raiding my face off. It’s all about the people for me, so if a group of kinnies or ingame friends want to /dance at a concert and drink ale, I’m just as up for that as I am anything else. And, omg, the festivals. I love me some festivals. Whether it is soloing a bit or grouping up, I enjoy LOTRO immensely and am always looking to help kinnies however I can….need some jewelry made? Want to fellowship and knock out FIs? Have a lowbie that needs a buddy for some quests? Need a pipe-smoking elf to accompany you to a festival? Holler, I’m your Pando.


Most Frequent Playtime(s): Living in CST (Wisconsin), and having a day job and a pretty fantastic family-boyfriend-friends situation, I don’t get ingame as often as I’d like. Generally, I make it in game weekday evenings, or weekend mornings. But it really depends on my schedule for the week. I average 3 days of playing a week, unless I’m sick or on vacation – then I basically don’t log out.


How you came to The Golden Mallorn: In the summer of 2013, I was a part of a kin whose leadership had left the game. They were a wonderful kin, but like so many before them, had simply fallen apart. A dear friend, Nimmriel, knew I was interested in starting a kin with Wolshi, and asked if we would consider taking over her kin (formerly “Clan of the Nine Fingers”). We of course gratefully accepted, and she allowed us full reign to rebrand and rename the kin as you know it today – The Golden Mallorn. Wolshi and I vowed to have a kin community that was helpful and genuinely kind/respectful, with playstyles coming and going as people felt. We don’t care what you believe, where you come from, or how you play – all we ask is that you wield your opinions carefully, with your kinmates’ feelings and well-being in mind. We don't tolerate hate, period. We built an amazing team of Officers and have continued to bring in kinmates who make this community incredible, and look forward to many more years of doing so.




Who are you REALLY? My name is Courtney, and I am a 34 year old Milwaukee girl who is easily amused and often scared by the littlest things. For a living I help schools, hospitals and residential facilities implement sustainable Nonviolent Crisis Intervention programs (workplace violence prevention/classroom behavior management). I used to travel 3 weeks a month training it, now I work at the corporate level creating implementation plans that keep nurses, teachers, case managers, patients, babies, students, physicians, security, and everyone involved in crisis situations safe. It is a joy, and very challenging at the same time.


My family, friends and boyfriend mean the world to me, and often my home is filled with some humans from each of those categories. When I bought my house, my philosophy was “I want a home to fill with people not things”. And I try to stay true to that. You will often see me write in kinchat that I cannot have sound up because I’m watching a movie with friends or family while popping into LOTRO on my laptop for a bit. They all know I love LOTRO, and my kin, and are gracious about me sharing my time between RL and game life.


I could make a list of my hobbies and interests, but I think talking with me and spending time with each other, getting to know each other that way, is more fun. You’ll find out quickly that I don’t tolerate bigotry/racism/hate speech…that I LOVE Hanson…that traveling is a passion and I’ve had the privilege to travel around the world often….and that I very quickly adore my kinnies and will laugh/cry/listen when you need me to. The Landroval and TGM communities are important to me, and so are you.

You can find Pandothrien on Discord - sign up via the kinsite homepage and connect!


Hi kinnies! It's me!


This is me and my better half, Matt. He's not a gamer, but we won't hold that against him 


I like ale and pie in Middle-earth AND real life! Come on over, I'll make you some basil pesto (or other fine vegetarian cuisine) 

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Pandothrien, Leader of The Golden Mallorn

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re: Meet Your Officers - Pandothrien Biography


Show Pando this kitten. Watch Pando cry because it's cute. 


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