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re: Meet Your Officers - Hixon Biography


Officer Hixon


Hixon’s Alter-Egos: Shandar, Chandar, Molsons, Rebbel, Murderin, Coolpie, Labbatts, Steelback, Frolf, Gaim



In game:

I have been playing for since 2012 or there abouts. My main is Hixon, but you can usually find me on a smattering of other toons as I think I now have each class covered. I also have all the crafters covered to max guild and the latest level (currently Doomfold) with a separate account for holding all my crafting stuff. You will also hear me refer to my ingame children... that would be Pando and Glory... they are near and dear to me - but also a whole lot younger so I call them my in game daughters. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer. If not right away I do not have a problem researching to find the answer. I do not always follow along with kin chat, but I do catch up while online (I get a perverse pleasure out of reading world chat [I am just weird that way]). If you need me and I’m not responding, I will usually answer tells.


Real life:
I live in Nevada with my wife of 20+ years, my 19 year old daughter (real life daughter) and 5 dogs (all rescues). I have raised two daughters (One in college the other about her own life) and have jokingly (well maybe not) told any boy they brought home that they needed to know a few things about me:


1. Canada does not have extradition to a country or state with the death penalty

2. My first full time job was military combat soldier

3. I own 13 guns (I am not a gun nut but almost all of these were inherited and I think only about 5 of them can be shot, the rest are antiques... but I do not tell them that)

4. There are lots of mine shafts in the hills behind my house


Funny thing is... my kids were always home on time!


I work as a software developer for the State. If it’s a fairly small request, I will do my best to help people out with their computer problems, but it is not something I do on a regular basis (too much burnout from family and friends who ask for help but then do not take my advice and then blame me for their computer problems). That being said, if you have a problem feel free to ask! I’m happy to try, but I am also not shy about honestly letting you know if I cannot help.



You can find me ingame, on the kinsite, and on Discord.


Hixons Dog

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