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re: What are "raids"?


A new kinmate, Nim, inspired a post around Raiding. For those who read this, please feel free to add your input (etiquette, experiences, tips, etc.)

*Information mostly gathered from Lotro Raids. I highly recommend reading through this Wiki page, to understand the many dynamics of raiding in LOTRO.


Raid Definition

A Raid is typically a group of fellowships comprised of higher level or "level-capped" players. You can have up to 4 fellowships in a raid, so that means you can have up to 24 players in a raid -- i.e. 6, 12 or 24 players.


When you're in a raid, there are some important things to understand.

1. Raids generally have mechanics, which means specific classes have specific responsibilities and strengths to offer, so having a leader that understands these mechanics may be crucial for more challenging raids.


2. Sometimes you must discover a physical location of a raid to actually enter it, be a certain level to enter it, or have completed certain quests to enter it. Do your homework so the raid group isn't left waiting on you, or worse, expecting you to help but you cannot due to any of these barriers.


3. There is an etiquette to raids, and a way to prepare. Make sure you've looked up the raid online, filled your inventory bags with pots/food/hope tokens/buffs, and are ON TIME to the predetermined raid start.


4. Raids can be intimidating - but as a kin, The Golden Mallorn is intentionally patient with new folks. We NEVER want someone to feel afraid to do a raid, because they are new or they've never done it. There will be raids with strong leaders, and there will be raids we do that none of us know well, so we all will learn as we go. Making someone feel like shit because he or she died, or didn't know what to do, will NOT happen in our raids. We will, however, expect you to listen, be patient, and learn as you go.


Looking to try raids out? Let one of your officers know, or better yet, pick a date and start gathering kinnies! The Golden Mallorn is the beautiful community that it is because all kinmates are empowered and encouraged to start and lead their own events and sub-groups. Invite other kins! Make an announcement on the kinsite and in World chat! Get out there and have some raiding fun image


Not sure how active they still are, but here's a source for raiding:

Landroval Co-Op Raiding Group

Pandothrien, Leader of The Golden Mallorn
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